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Address: 16 Westside Drive, Laverton North, VIC, 3026

We're dedicated to crafting the finest bathroom vanities, often with our whole team, including office staff are involved in production. This hands-on approach means there might be times when we canโ€™t immediately get to the phone.

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Who are we?

Reaching out to Kariko means connecting with a legacy. Since 1998, our family-driven ethos has seen us evolve from a garage-based passion project into a trusted name in furniture craftsmanship.

Our journey has witnessed the embrace of national retailers, but not without facing the turbulence of industry shifts and competitive tides. It was our unwavering dedication to quality that led us from bedroom furniture to our now-celebrated line of timber bathroom vanities.

Innovation for us wasn't just about adapting; it was about echoing our commitment to sustainable, environment-friendly craftsmanship. The love and feedback from our patrons speak volumes about our craftsmanship's distinct style and impeccable quality.

At Kariko, we envision furniture that transcends its functional role to become a statement in your space, a reflection of artistry and commitment. Being a family-centric business fuels our approach, ensuring every product resonates with the pride and excellence we uphold.

As you think about elevating your bathroom space, know that we're more than just sellers; we're partners in crafting enduring legacies. Connect with us and let's transform your visions into tangible elegance.