Warranty & Care


A 2 year warranty on workmanship applies to all Kariko vanities. Kariko will repair or replace any parts of the product with a manufacturing or structural defect, free of charge. This excludes basins and tapware.

As timber moves over time, Kariko will not warrant natural environmental factors that will affect the condition of furniture such as timber splitting, shrinkage, expansion, cupping or discoloration to the finish. This could be due to direct UV sunlight, regulation in temperatures and humidity. The warranty will not cover failure to provide proper care and maintenance, damage caused by general wear and tear (scratches, etc.) abuse, accidental damage, neglect or misuse, third party material applied to product, unauthorised servicing by a third party immediately renders this warranty null and void.

As no two trees are alike, variation in grain, colour and finish will occur. We cannot accept replacement or refund based on variation in grain, colour or finish. 

Terms of warranty

All warranty claims must be sent in writing to Kariko. A detailed report will need to be submitted along with images within 24 hours from the defect occurring. We will determine if the claim is valid and notify of the claim result. If the item needs to be repaired, one of our team will approve the item to be sent back to the manufacturing facility for repair or replacement. 

If you would like a Kariko team member to inspect your piece which has been affected by natural environmental conditions, please contact us directly - Fees may apply.


At Kariko we deliver quality Australian made timber vanities. Our products are manufactured from solid timber and veneers which means they can display characteristics specific to the type of species used, it knots, grain patters and scars - these features are expected of natural timber as the are not manufactured product like a laminate. Because of these features and the natural variation in the grain of the timber, product colours may vary. Timber tones may alter over time if in direct sunlight, or in a well-lit room. UV exposure may alter the tone of the finish, depending on timber species and stain (if applicable).

Solid timber is a natural product and is therefore responsive to changes in the environment.  Any movement, cracking or bowing in timber as a result of change in humidity, fluctuating temperatures, or exposure to water is not warranted.  Some species of timber can split - this is a natural occurrence.

To keep your vanity lasting a lifetime, it starts with care. If spills do occur, always clean up immediately with a dry cloth to ensure the water does not penetrate and weaken the surface finish. Do not leave pot plants directly on the timber surface as additional water can seep onto the timber and tarnish the finish. A damp cloth with no cleaning product should be used to clean and dust your vanity. Always wipe in the direction of the grain, as this will minimise the possibility of small scratches caused by dust particles.


Repairs will be dependent on the furniture items finish and the level of repair required. Oiled finishes are much easier to repair on site compared to a lacquered finish due to their ability to be sanded and recoated on site. Depending on the level of repair required, additional charges may apply.